Wisconsin lawmaker says mitigating COVID-19 is impossible—for the most ridiculous reason yet

If these sinister futuristic corpses can’t get their giant Perkins pies without proof that they aren’t bloated with viral meat bags, why should we even bother invading Iraq to protect our liberties?

But why worry about the virus? After all, it is invisible! Here Rep. Treg Bronchinsky (in Wisconsin, that name is almost as famous as “John Smith”) is arguing that there’s no point in trying to stop the virus because, well, you can’t see it. However, the invisible god of the Republican Party will somehow protect them from the most horrific consequences possible.


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Bronschensk: “So you ask what we’re going to do to stop the epidemic, and you know, you can’t see the virus. You can’t see anything. How are you doing it? How do you stop it? How? You can’t physically see the virus. You don’t know if it’s in Is this room or is it outside or is it right now here. You have no idea. How are you going to stop that?”

Oh my God, take me now. But don’t beat me to COVID-19. I don’t want to be in the same waiting room as these stabbing pokes.

The omicron variant has certainly changed the game somewhat as superhero injuries are on the rise, even among boosters. But this does not mean that a pollinator has the same chance of catching and spreading an omicron as a non-pollinator. They do not. Also, some business owners might want to be too true Christians by encouraging their clients to take life-saving measures against deadly pathogens. Seems like an endeavor worth more than trying to turn gays right by depriving them of pastries. But that’s just me. what do I know?

Of course, Pronschinske doesn’t see it that way. For him, the present moment evokes the brutal struggles of the civil rights era, when blacks were discriminated against for being black — not, to be clear, because they didn’t feel like making an extra trip to Walgreens.

WKOW-TV, Madison, Wisconsin:

Rep. Tregg Bronchinsky (R-Mondovi), one of the sponsors of the measure, said the bill was an attempt to protect individual liberty. He said he was sympathetic to concerns that the bills would violate the rights of business owners, but said such policies could deprive people of vital services.

“That’s a concern, given that this side of the companies are able to choose,” Bronchinsky said. “But when we look at groceries or medical facilities, these are basic things that people need to, you know, go to and it would be horrible, for example, to have all the groceries require you to vaccinate.”

Would it be terrible, though? Is it more terrible than telling people with syphilis to stay out of the red-light district until their regimen of antibiotics is complete?

Also, I’ve spent long enough to remember when conservatives were a little more concerned with infectious diseases—even ones they had a very small chance of catching.

Homophobia was more likely to develop them.

Well, it seems that they don’t quite get along when it comes to their virus fears. Go and conclude.

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