Transatlantic Hops: US DOT Approves Norse Atlantic Airways’ Flight Application

The US Department of Transportation (DoT) yesterday approved Norse Atlantic Airways’ request for transatlantic flights to the United States. The low-cost Norwegian airline was founded in early 2021 with plans to start flying from Europe to North America this year.

Norse has gone through another major step in its launch journey. Photo: Norse Atlantic Airways

Good start to the year

Just before the new year, Norse Atlantic received its Air Operator Certification (AOC) from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority. The move marked a solid start to 2022, with the airline keen to begin flying to the US from Oslo this spring.

Momentum continues for the carrier, as the Department of Transportation approved the company’s request for transatlantic flights. The airline notes that the move will create many jobs in the United States. Besides airline employees such as flight attendants, many indirect jobs will be expanded across the travel and tourism domain.

Notably, last May, the Flight Attendants Association-CWA (AFA) and Nose Atlantic reached what was touted as a historic pre-lease agreement for American flight attendant jobs. The initiative is set to create at least 700 jobs in the United States.

Norse 787
Good news constantly comes to the airline. Photo: Norse Atlantic Airways

community building

Scandinavian leadership is eager to agree. It also highlighted the positive social and economic impact that will come as a result.

“We are pleased that the Department of Transportation has approved our affordable transatlantic flights. This milestone brings Nawras one step closer to launching an affordable and environmentally friendly service for customers traveling between Europe and the United States. We appreciate USDOT’s constructive and prompt approach, and look forward to working with them in the coming months,” Norse CEO and Founder Bjørn Tore shared the company statement.

“Our employees will be our competitive advantage. We build a high-performance culture and create an environment where we value diversity, and ensure that all colleagues feel a sense of belonging. We look forward to starting to recruit our new colleagues in the United States”

Gull 787-9
The management of the carrier is looking to cover good ground with the company. Photo: Norse Atlantic Airways

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great prospects

Ultimately, Gull is looking to provide affordable transatlantic service with its Boeing 787s. The airline took delivery of its first Dreamliner just before Christmas, with the 787-9 arriving in Oslo Jardimwin on December 20. In all, the company has 15787s in order, split between 12 787-9s and three 787-8s.

There are also bigger ambitions for the airline. It appears to have become the world’s lowest carbon emitter when it comes to carbon emissions per passenger kilometer. The company’s 787 high-density aircraft will contribute well to this goal.

The first of three transatlantic routes is expected to be Gull 787 between Oslo, Fort Lauderdale, Stewart and Ontario. However, the airline can quickly expand its network to fly from other European destinations to the United States. For example, I got slots in London Stansted, which allowed for more opportunities across the oceans. Ultimately, the carrier will be excited to perform the first jumps in the coming months.

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