Those Crying Out “Conspiracy” Are the Ones Who Need to be Arrested, Adjudicated, and Punished.

Another guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

I’m talking to the ruling elite… You I scornfully pretend I’m wearing a foil hat and spend time away in the illusion of imagined political disasters. You are Mocking my fears and rejecting my patriotism using humorous memes. You are View from day to day as if everyone and everything in this world is at your disposal. You are Illegal mandates, utter absurdity, and condemnation of non-compliance in all sincerity, but then you keep yourself away from the compliance you demand from others. You are Claiming that I’m obsessed with baseless conspiracies fueling rebellious protests when in reality it is. You are stir up conspiracies. for you Childish behavior in a vengeful playground prank deserves ridicule: “I am rubber, You are on Glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks You are! The real conspiratorial rebellion is You are!

The most brutal political practice that has been used as a weapon is to plant, nurture and then suppress “conspiracies”. Although the word “conspiracy” has been popularized by today’s political elite, it is not new. Since the beginning of time, conspiratorial ideas have attacked the rule of law. In Heaven, Satan suggested that the forbidden tree was forbidden because God Almighty wanted to make the human race different from God.

Since the beginning of time, conspiracy has been used as leverage to advance the elite’s agenda to secure more power and greater fortunes. This sinister ambition is not limited to geography, language, ethnicity or political leanings. Strength is possessed and ambition wants more and more; The pursuit of gain through fear, intimidation and false accusations.

common: MUST WATCH VIDEO: J6er Micajah Jackson competes with AZ Man Luke Robinson for the video that was in the US Capitol with a rifle and was later removed from the FBI’s Most Wanted List

In order to frame the purpose of the plots we have to ask, “WHO benefits from accusations of conspiracy theories? This is an important but overlooked inquiry.

A conspiracy is the work of a group of people who plot an illegal, harmful or evil plan that is put in secret for harmful or sinister purposes. It is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud or any other wrongful act for a certain result. It involves planning, coordinating, disseminating information and aiming. The term is always used in the strongest negative connotation.

The success of the plot depends on a piece of truth wrapped in touted lies to be manipulated in order to achieve a sinister goal. The message was presented that those who expose and punish the conspiracy are working for the “common good”. Who would dare stand in the way of the Greatest Good? Thus, conspiracies define the “common good” in a way that enhances their ambition.

Civilization survey illustrates this evil act. Furnished countless examples. Expose the persecution of tyrannical rulers to the ruled. Once rulers publicize their phantom plots, they are justified in punishing the guilty with phantom threats.

Perhaps the most famous example comes from the evil of Fascist Germany (1930). Through propaganda intrigues, the German public accepted the mass murder and systematic murder of Jews, Roma, homosexuals, and the disabled during the Holocaust. These groups were targeted by fascists and killed in crematoria and concentration camps across Europe. It was media publications that caused the development of anti-Semitic, gypsy, anti-gay, and anti-disabled hysteria. The circulation of conspiratorial rumors gave rise to prejudices and discriminatory practices and allowed for an escalation into an acceptable state of violence.

It was stated in an article entitled: Has the world become Nazi Germany?

“As a child survivor of the Nazi Reign of Terror, I learned indelible lessons about the nature of evil…Academic science, the military, industry, and clinical medicine were as tightly intertwined as they are now. The Nazi regime destroyed a social conscience in the name of public health…Nazi propaganda used the fear of epidemics. contagious to demonize Jews as spreaders of disease, and a threat to public health…Medical mandates today are a huge step backwards toward fascist dictatorship and genocide…This undermines our dignity as well as our freedom…The stark lesson of the Holocaust is that when doctors unite with government and deviate From their personal, professional clinical commitment to do no harm to the individual, then medicine can be spoiled from humane therapy as a profession for a murderous device… What distinguishes the Holocaust from all other genocides is the pivotal role played by the medical establishment… Doctors, associations and prestigious medical institutions have given their veneer legitimacy for the killing of children and the mass killing of civilians.” (Holocaust survivor and medical patient rights activist Vera Scharaf)

The tyranny of rulers who oppress the ruled with illusions of “conspiracies” has not been isolated in the past. Our own times are witnessing similar manipulation. An evil political elite seeks to numb the consciousness of the population by claiming that the accusations are mere “conspiracies”. It is not uncommon for those who question the elite’s agenda to be dismissed, “Come on now! You look like some of those crazy conspirators!”

Published in HUMAN EVENTS, June 5, 2021, an excellent analysis by Jim Hanson titled Disguising an Inventor: How the Left Is Trying to Criminalize Conservatism. Hanson’s clever analysis was used a month later in another notable analysis by Michael Austin in the Western Gazette. Austin’s report was entitled: Investigative report: Democrats are using “invented disobedience” to wage a second war on terrorism targeting Americans. Hanson’s conclusion aptly frames the diabolical nature of elite rulers who seek the tyranny of the submissive ruled. declare, The only conspiracy here is by the left to deprive their political opponents of their constitutional rights. “

The ruling elite is being pressured to announce more conspiracy theories as the facade of its integrity is crumbling. More are becoming aware and questioning the tyranny they naively accepted. When rulers feel pressure, they react aggressively. Greater authoritarianism, greater propaganda, a reconfigured mission strategy and greater fanaticism will develop.

This development is currently being observed. It’s a fact – just look at those who have been unjustly arrested, unlawfully imprisoned, unconstitutionally beaten, starved, and robbed in the capital’s prisons after the J6 protests against state wrongdoing. Rulers are threatened. Their revenge is cruel and inhumane to “teach a lesson” to others who might consider non-compliance.

On January 13, 2022 Jim Hooft published a shocking article titled: BREAKING: OathKeepers founder and president Stuart Rhodes arrested–on charges of seditious conspiracy a year after the January 6 protests. The desperation of the ruling elite is clear. Their propaganda has failed miserably to deceive the population. The imagined charges of “conspiracy” are supposed to provoke fear and compliance. When rulers fail to see this response, they act with greater hostility. Their power and wealth are waning. Their lust for evil ambition was not satiated. Rulers beside themselves do not understand why the condemned refuse to obey.

If you want to see how desperately the rulers try to maintain their tyranny over the ruled, just look at all the “conspiracies” they have announced. These are the creation of the illusory mind to justify the tyrannical tyranny of the Washington government and the entrenched bureaucrats who are desperate to feed their selfish ambition and cling to the power and wealth being extorted from the citizens of our Republic! Here are a few of them and you can add them to the list:

  • Parents terrify school boards
  • The citizens concerned are internal terrorists
  • Those who question the 3/11/20 elections are saboteurs
  • Those who question CDC/NIH/FDA mandates are rebels
  • Those who claim COVID death rates are exaggerated are ‘unscientific’
  • Those who reject the trial punch are ignorant hilltops

Rest assured that more will be written about the “plots” stirred up by evil rulers to maintain their control over the ruled. Conspiracies are not the product of concerned citizens but the product of evil rulers who seek to discredit, belittle and denounce those who pursue the truth. Look at the opening paragraph – let the judges know this fact, you are to blame! Don’t disqualify or elevate yourself to a degree of isolation that belittles another person or group.

One last drawing aptly depicting current affairs in our nation’s capital. Inside the Beltway, they all seem impervious to the reality of the citizens of the United States. These, within the Beltway, have taken an elitist position. They are aloof, insensitive and disinterested.

Now listen to this… History records the tyranny of the ruler over the ruled. This woman was a hated Hag; An ugly old woman, evil and malicious. She was evil and trained her son to be evil. Her son was justly executed, and the mother usurped the throne and made herself queen. Forever known as a killer, she even kills her own children until her status is secured. Inevitably the wheels of justice turned and brought her down. The nation has returned to the rule of law that it ignored. When she was removed and the law restored,” she tore her clothes and cried, Conspiracy! Conspiracy! ” (2 Kings 11:14).

This reveals a simple fact –Those who shout “conspiracy” are the ones who need to be arrested, prosecuted and punished. This fact has historically been validated but has been disdainfully ignored. Again, I ask, in order to frame the purpose of the conspiracies we have to ask, “Who benefits from accusations of conspiracy theories?” The answer is tyranny rule Benefits because it gives fake legitimacy for repression and punishment!

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