Pennsylvania Attorney Delayed 2020 Election Investigation Activities on Friday Until Word Came from PA Supreme Court to Stop Working

An investigation into the results of the 2020 election in Fulton County, Pennsylvania, was postponed yesterday by the Palestinian Authority’s Supreme Court. We reported on Friday afternoon. But there is more to this story.

We reported the following on Friday.

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Interfering and Delaying Achieving the 2020 Election in Fulton County, Pennsylvania

But there is more to this story. Newsweek reported yesterday:

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Tom King, an attorney representing Fulton County, told the Associated Press in December that the purpose of examining voting machines was to determine whether the machines used in the 2020 election were the same as the state-certified machines.

The AP added that the search was scheduled to begin at a meeting that began at 1 p.m. Friday before Tom Breath, another district attorney, announced to the assembled that the state Supreme Court had halted the investigation.

We have more information on this story. Of course, the Democrats and the Dominicans are doing everything they can to stop this investigation, and that’s to be expected because that’s what they’ve done in every stte since before the election. But there is more.

According to our source:

Attorney Tom King is representing Fulton County who is requesting an investigation. All he had to do was show up yesterday to the investigation, start the meeting on time, and get out of the way, so the forensic photography of the Dominion Machines could proceed. Fulton County (“his client”) the Dominion Machines could have been forensically copied and the business was up in no time.

The investigators were up and ready. They were in the process of videotaping their actions so that their work could be used in court. Everything was covered and ready.

But the good Tom King (who gets his salary from the Amistad project) didn’t even come to court and ordered forensic photography. Instead, King reportedly attended a friend’s award ceremony in Harrisburg…while running the most important event for his client in his year-long battle with Dominion and the Pennsylvania Secretary of State.

Instead of looking out for his client’s interests, he dispatched another attorney from his firm, attorney Tom Breath (pictured above) who “relentlessly” stalled for 30 minutes while they were holding Fulton County Dominion’s machines outside so the PA Senate investigation team could not start . Once you start the forensic process, you can’t just stop it. The lawyers probably know this.

The great difficulty was waiting for the Secretary of State’s videographer to get there. Lawyer Breath stopped everything arguing with the Senate attorney to allow the Palestinian Authority Secretary of State (SoS) the video man to film the proceedings!!

Note that the investigation team was already ready to videotape their work. The only apparent reason for the SoS team to film the event themselves was to intimidate and later corrupt the investigators.

The good news is that the PA Supreme Court is expected to rule on the matter in the next few days, and is expected to allow the investigation to continue.

The legislature has every right to investigate the machinery used in the 2020 elections and the county is asking for an investigation. If the court does the untenable, there are other options that can be taken to move forward with Monday’s critical inquiry.

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