Corrupt and Unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee Releases Text Messages Showing Hannity Encouraging McEnany “No More Stolen Election Talk”

The transcripts show that Trump insiders worked to bypass the stolen 2020 elections. The Corrupt January 6 Commission, which is potentially unconstitutional and operates outside its powers, is another entity created by corrupt and criminals who are left to display their crimes once again to others. Like the falsity of Russian collusion that exposed Biden’s … Read more

Jan. 6 probe gets its hands on Trump draft executive order directing seizure of voting machines

At the end of it, it is noticed that the newly appointed The Special Counsel will oversee the investigation of fraud, evaluate criminal and civil proceedings, and be provided with “all resources necessary to carry out her duties consistent with federal laws and the Constitution.” The order was first published by Politico on Friday. In … Read more

The Smoking Gun Of Trump Treason Is The Voting Machine Seizure Executive Order

Trump’s draft executive order ordering the Secretary of Defense to seize voting machines is evidence of his coup. Trump’s draft executive order reveals how the coup was carried out The text of Trump’s executive order reads: Accordingly, I ask: (1) Effective immediately, the Secretary of Defense will collect, maintain, and analyze all machinery, equipment, electronically … Read more

Montenegro To Buy A New Embraer E195 For Its National Airline

Air Montenegro’s fleet will soon grow to three Embraer aircraft after the Montenegrin government decided to purchase the airline’s E195. The E195, formerly of Montenegro Airlines, does not have a left-hand drive, and Air Montenegro does not have the funds to purchase it. Pictured: the plane purchased by the Montenegrin government for Montenegro Airlines, which … Read more