Josh Hawley shows how to be racist over Biden’s court nominee, right wing media says ‘hold my beer’

As Press Watch reports, Biden’s promise to nominate a Black woman to the court has”freaked out right-wing media.” The frothing on the right included the usual suspects. Tucker Carlson took himself away from complaining about the sexiness of cartoon candies to spent 12 minutes on a rant that boiled down to underscoring Hawley’s statement: For … Read more

Social Media As An Inspiration For Course Content

Social Media As Online Course Design Inspiration With an increased volume of courses being available online, be it for learning or professional development, it is easy to see what engages us and what makes us totally disengage from the content being presented. Considering that most people easily engage with social media, it makes you wonder … Read more

A Brief History Of North Korean Flag Carrier Air Koryo

As the flag carrier of North Korea, Air Koryo is often viewed as the world’s most mysterious airline. There have been numerous rumours surrounding the operator over the decades, but the it has certainly been an integral member of the country’s aviation industry since its founding. Air Koryo was performed during a crucial time in … Read more

Democrats’ ‘China Bill’ Includes Millions of Dollars Going to Organizations to Push Racist Policies in the US that Have Nothing to Do with China

(pic from Democrats believe that driving racist policies in the United States is how to address the United States’ trade deficit with China and China’s theft of American intellectual property. President Trump had China on the line. We have written about it many times. China’s economy was collapsing, companies were leaving China at a … Read more

NYC Mayor’s Office Asks That Anyone Who Came in Contact with Sarah Palin Get a COVID-19 Test

The New York City mayor’s office has asked anyone who has been in contact with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (right) to get a COVID-19 test amid controversy over her decision to dine at the Upper East Side restaurant despite testing positive. City Hall spokesman Jonah Allon encouraged, “Anyone from New York who has been … Read more

Georgia school drops assignment asking elementary schoolers to justify genocide against Natives

“The truth of American history. And what happened to indigenous peoples, enslaved Africans, and other people of color, should not be whitewashed,” Martin continued to the news outlet. Here is her original tweet, which quickly went viral. As a revision of this history, by the way, Jackson signed the Indian Expulsion Act in 1830. From … Read more

German court rules against late night flights at Dortmund

Germany’s Flyv looks to joint airlines for underserved city pairs 30.11.2021 – 13:18 UTC German startup Flyv aims to connect disadvantaged markets globally using a joint venture model that will see airlines pool their energy through flights marketed under a single brand and mobile app, according to the company’s website. Anton Lutz, the Munich-based CEO, … Read more