New York Rep. John Katko, one of only nine Republicans in a Biden district, announces retirement

The Democratic primaries already consisted of 2020 candidate Francis Conol and Stephen Holden and Air Force veteran Sarah Klee Hood; We’ll likely take a look now. On the GOP side, Katko’s main opponent within the party looked like Assistant Physician Tim Coe, although the race was still meeting when the congressman announced his resignation.

Katko’s departure ends an eventful electoral career that began less than a decade ago when he left his job as a federal attorney general to challenge Democratic Representative Dan Maffei in the 2014 cycle. Slightly decreased during the 2010 red wave by Ann Marie Buerkle before winning Game Two two years later, but at first it seemed like it would be very difficult for Katko to deal with another midterm loss.

there was no Buerkle hit 49-43 Barack Obama was also occupying the seat Wide 57-41And while the congressman was surprised in 2010, he gave all indications of it You won’t be caught off guard this time. Katko himself also ended up with a GOP nod after that Significantly more prominent names Refuse to run. surveys additionally He indicated that Mafi is in good condition For most of the race, with Siena College gave him a 50-42 lead over Catco weeks after Labor Day.

However, the Republican, who ran a vigorous campaign focused on his judicial background as well I used Mavi’s new $700,000 house In the metropolitan area to say that the congressman has left the Syracuse area behind. This race It ended up attracting millions on both sides As it became increasingly clear that Maffei was Once again vulnerable In what was shaping up to be a good year for Republicans.

Many observers remain highly skeptical about the accuracy of Siena’s late October poll Give Catco 52-42 bulletsEspecially after Mafie released an internal device Find it still ahead, but this Sienna poll turns out to have stalled in a way almost no one expected. Katko Win 59-40 days later, which gave him one of the biggest general election victories we’ve ever witnessed over a scandal-free incumbent.

The National Democrats had hoped the seat would return in 2016 with a more favorable climate, making Katko a prime target. Team Blue’s candidate this time around was Colleen Deacon, a former district manager for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and both parties again spent heavily. Democrats also hoped Trump’s toxicity would drag in the new congressman, but it didn’t happen much: Hillary Clinton Carrying the seat 49-45 only, and Katko, who managed to develop a moderate profile, led by a large margin over the top of the ticket Another dramatic win 60-39.

Katko spent the Trump years doing his best to distance himself from the new administration while voting with it most of the time, a strategy that helped him win two recent terms. His opponent in 2018 was Dana Palter, a progressive activist and academic who defeated the Civil Society Coordination Center’s favorite candidate in the primaries. Katko this time around looked like the solid favorite early on but for once, the political climate was often working against him.

Balter belatedly benefited from the “green wave” that allowed Democratic candidates to raise unprecedented amounts of money as well. Delayed spending by national groups, and ended up giving Catco his first close race. Still incumbent Held in 53-47, making him only one of three House Republicans to win a Trump district during that Democratic wave year.

Balter sought a rematch in 2020, and this time around, it looked like Katko might eventually lose. became this Early expensive battlefieldBalter’s team bet on a strong performance by Biden at the top of the ticket to lead her to victory. However, the blue team received some unwelcome news when the Republicans were Benefited from a paperwork error He successfully sued to retain Stephen Williams, who was nominated by the Liberal Working Families Party as its running mate until the Democrats choose their candidate on the ballot.

In the end, while Biden really improved on Clinton’s petite win four years prior, Katko once again got a lot of cross-over voters and win 53-43Williams received 4%.

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