New Wildlife Experiences for Adventure Lovers

Become a polar explorer in 2022! Take Poseidon Expeditions to the most remote areas on the planet and see famous wildlife, such as penguins, seals, whales and polar bears. After nearly two years, countries are starting to reopen again for tourism and travelers like myself are eager to plan their next adventures.

Tastes vary. Whether you’re looking for a luxury getaway in a highly rated hotel, a budget-friendly family trip, or a co-organized tour with your best friends – the most important thing is to get started. Get your bags packed, follow the adventurous spirit, and immerse yourself in new experiences. But where do you start…

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Do you need some ideas? Explore the wonderful world of polar trekking with Poseidon Treks! Have you heard about the exciting adventures of polar explorers in history? Guess what – you can discover the most remote places on earth, just like them… and in even greater comfort on a modern expedition ship!

Travel trends 2022 New wilderness experiences for gourmets

About Poseidon Expeditions

Poseidon missions It takes you on an unforgettable journey to the polar regions of the planet. With two expedition ships, suitable for small group cruises, travelers will get the perfect blend of comfort and excitement from true expeditions. And of course, Poseidon Expedition’s professional polar guides and team are on board with you to ensure safety and show you the highlights.


50 years of victory

Travel trends 2022 New wilderness experiences for gourmets

For cruises to the Arctic, Poseidon Expeditions uses the world’s largest nuclear icebreaker. It easily smashes through the 3-meter thick ice and holds up to 124 passengers. For a panoramic view, you can even take a flight in a helicopter!

sea ​​spirit

Travel trends 2022 New wilderness experiences for gourmets

Sail aboard the Sea Spirit to the North Pole and Antarctica. Well suited for small group expeditions of up to 114 passengers, they reach some of the most remote places on earth: stunning beaches, remote coves, and hard-to-reach places, where you’ll find the best areas for wildlife viewing.

Both ships guarantee the most exciting polar adventures, close-up wildlife encounters, and stunning views from their deck. Modern and comfortable amenities allow you to travel in style. Share the magical experience and invite your family, friends and loved ones to join you on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Why choose Poseidon Expeditions?

new experiences

Travel trends 2022 New wilderness experiences for gourmets

Tired of traveling with crowds? Annoyed by the watery beaches, the overly touristy retreats on the islands, the frequent city rides, and the long queues at the ski lifts? Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery. Try hiking, kayaking, camping, citizen science projects, and photographing Arctic and Antarctic wildlife instead. Not many people get to see these places, so you’ll have something to show off when you get back.

safety first

Spirit of the Sea, in addition to 50 years of triumph, exceeds all safety requirements for polar travel. The nuclear ice crusher is also equipped with a spoon-shaped bracket, which crushes ice up to 3 meters thick.

See wildlife close-up

Travel trends 2022 New wilderness experiences for gourmets

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle a cute penguin or hug a fluffy polar bear? While you are not allowed to touch any wildlife, it will get as close to you as possible, making the encounter safe for both parties. See the unique wildlife in its natural environment and be a part of its world.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery

Travel trends 2022 New wilderness experiences for gourmets

It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before! The beauty of the polar landscapes will take your breath away. You may have seen pictures and movies about it, but nothing will prepare you for the real encounter. It is the experience of a lifetime.

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