My Father Almost Died for His Country Fighting at Okinawa. Today His Son Can No Longer Walk the Streets of Washington DC Without “Papers”

Written by Wayne Allen Root

Thursday wasn’t a good day for President Biden. First, the Supreme Court shouted “Let’s go Brandon” by killing his prized private employer’s mandate. Then Democratic Senator Manchin and Cinema destroyed his dreams of banning the voter card to ensure one-party rule in America.

After hearing all this bad news, I suspect Biden put a lid on her, drove to the basement of the White House where his wife prepared baby food, fed him milk from a bottle, and tucked her in with his favorite blanket.

But we cannot afford to rest because of two short-lived victories. We have a lot of work to do to save America from communist/fascist control.

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Washington DC is Gallery A. Did you hear the latest plot twist in the capital? Two steps forward, one step back.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser just announced that no one can leave their home or hotel without papers 24/7. You cannot enter any restaurant, bar, retail store, department store, gym, or even walk the streets, without a government photo ID, as well as proof of a vaccine.

This is happening in America.

People “like me” are banned from Washington, DC. I’m not sure – is it because I’m Jewish, Republican, or unvaccinated? Maybe the three?

Let me clarify some important points here.

First, “My body, my choice.” Democrats live and die by this mantra when it comes to killing innocent babies in the womb. Ironically, at this very moment, Democrats are passing laws making abortion legal until the moment of birth. But in DC when it comes to my body, I have no options. Either you take a trial toxic blow that can cripple or kill me, or I give up my job, my social life, and all my civil rights.

Second, my father almost died in the Battle of Okinawa during World War II, so his son could be prevented from entering Washington, DC. This is a disgrace to everyone who fought or died for this country.

Third, as an American Jew, I see many echoes of Nazi Germany. Today, it is the “unvaccinated” who are being slandered, defamed, persecuted, expelled and banned for the crime of not wanting to take the serious Covid trial hit.

Unvaccinated Americans today are called the same words as Jews in Nazi Germany: “dirty, filthy, dangerous, sick, criminal, traitor, selfish, someone who should be banned from society, no longer allowed to eat in restaurants, or drink between Ordinary people.”

What then? yellow stars? Well, it is already happening. In many schools in America, children are segregated by vaccination status.

Fourth, this is all about the “leaves”. Democrats claim that asking for proof of citizenship before voting is like asking for “papers” by the Gestapo, but asking for “papers” to eat, buy groceries, or shop 24/7/365 isn’t the Gestapo? In fact, it is similar to the Gestapo, the Russian KGB, the Stasi in East Germany, along with the Communist forced labor camps in China.

Finally, if Covid is a “national health emergency,” why did Biden and his communist gang open the borders, so millions of illegal foreigners who are malnourished, tired, and sick, could stream into this country, without medical checks, no masks, No vaccination mandates?

Either this “health emergency” is sheer fraud intended to allow Democrats to rig and steal elections through mail-in ballots and a lack of voter identity; Or is this a real “health emergency,” and Democratic tyrants like Biden and Bowser are deliberately letting the whole world in, to spread Covid, thus creating crisis and hysteria, and giving themselves more power to control every aspect of our lives.

My father, a veteran military Jew, was ready to die for this great country. What was he fighting for? freedom. Now all these years later, DC’s tyrannical mayor thinks she can ban law-abiding, tax-paying citizens with different political views from entering the US capital.

But I bet Mayor Bowser supports transgender rights. I bet she thinks any man can identify as a woman and we have to accept that as a fact. Then they can use the women’s restrooms and exercise with our girls.

We can all learn from this lesson. From now on, please consider me a ‘vaccinated’. I did not feel upset, but I consider it a “vaccinator”. You have to take my word for it. If I think I’m vaccinated, I am. And if you “misidentify me,” you will open your business to multimillion-dollar lawsuits.

I have a message for Mayor Bowser…

“Let’s go, Brandon.”

Wayne Allyn Root is known as the “conservative warrior.”
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