In December Justice Roberts Denied a Mask Mandate Case to Be Heard Without Comment, Today Justice Gorsuch Brings the Case in Front of Entire Court for Discussion

Judge Roberts rejected the request in December, but Judge Gorsuch decided to take the matter to the full court for discussion today.

A press release on the wall opposite the TSA noted the following this morning:

The U.S. Supreme Court in its conference today is considering an emergency application for a 4-year-old from Florida to keep the Transportation Security Administration’s ability to enforce the federal transportation mask authorization, which is in effect until at least March 18.

The request by Michael Cicleki Jr. (listed as MS in legal papers) of Sanford, Florida, who has an autism spectrum disorder and cannot medically wear a face covering, is on the agenda of the Justice Conference today, a day after the Supreme Court halted the mandate for a vaccine or Occupational Safety and Health Administration mask/testing for all companies employing at least 100 workers. His father, Michael Sr., and Lucas Wall of Washington, D.C., joined the request, who cannot medically wear masks.

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Chief Justice John Roberts denied the request on December 9 without comment. The three applicants have resubmitted their application for residency to Judge Neil Gorsuch, who has referred it to the entire court for discussion at today’s weekly conference.

“The Supreme Court has been a beacon of freedom during the COVID-19 pandemic, including yesterday’s ruling ordering President Biden’s attempt to force vaccinations on more than 80 million American workers or have them wear masks and endure weekly tests,” said Michael Sr. “We hope the judges will take a closer look at our request today and put an end to the TSA mask mandate. The Transportation Security Agency has no power from Congress to dictate health measures, and overwhelming scientific evidence shows that masks do not stop the spread of the coronavirus but are harmful to human health.”

The Sekleckis family has to fly a lot between their home near Orlando and Boston to get professional medical care for Michael Jr. Wall booked a ticket to visit his brother in Germany on January 23, a trip that has been postponed several times since June 2021 due to FTMM.

We reported Judge Roberts’ refusal to address the TSA mask authorization in December.

Supreme Court rejects Biden’s authorization of flight mask

Let us hope and pray that law and common sense take over the court this time.

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