How To Deliver Safety Training On Any Budget

Maximize your resources to deliver great training

It doesn’t matter what kind of workplace you’re part of – whether everyone works from home, or operates heavy machinery every day – your business needs safety training. why? Because everyone has the right to be physically and psychologically safe in their workplace.

This means that your workplace has a responsibility to ensure that your workers do not suffer physical injury due to their workspace, or psychological injury through interaction with the people around them. Companies that ignore this responsibility risk not only financial losses, but also productivity losses, team satisfaction and trust.

For many businesses, it can be difficult to know where to start or what is feasible with the time and budget you have. It could be a large company with a well-established safety training program and a budget to improve it, or it could be a small company with very little budget and time to think about it. Whatever your situation, it is possible to deliver high-quality safety training and prevent unnecessary injuries to your team with simple and innovative approaches.

No budget, little time

This is a very common situation. Many small businesses do not have the dedicated financial resources and time to create safety training. Fortunately, there are plenty of free resources available online to help you get started with quality safety training now. The Safe Work Australia website is a great place to start an Australian business, which contains state-specific resources such as checklists, posters, and guidelines to work with. The downside to these materials is that they are generic and often cannot be tailored to the unique needs of your specific business, but they can be a good quick fix.

Small budget, some time

If your business has decided to put in some money to improve or automate your safety training, congratulations! Even a small budget can go a long way toward improving your training. The perfect place to start with a small budget is to invest in a comprehensive training platform. All-in-one platforms are usually very affordable and allow you to create online courses that are tailored to your business and can be distinguished with your business logo, colors, and more. It can then be sent to your workers, and you can track their progress from the platform to see when they finish.

Another resource to explore are ready-made courses. Ready-made courses are pre-made e-learning modules that contain learning activities and assessments. It’s an incredibly fast and effective way to deliver high quality safety training to your team. Online courses are excellent for laying the foundations of knowledge about safety practices that can then be followed up with elements of on-the-ground and face-to-face training for practice and embedding.

Medium budget, dedicated time

If you have an increased budget, time dedicated to working on training programs, and/or a large number of learners, you are likely looking to improve your existing training. All-in-one platforms can still be very useful in these situations, but if you have a very large number of learners, or you are looking for greater reporting capabilities, you might look for a matchable course builder and LMS.

If you’re working with ready-made courses, this is a great time to start creating your own custom courses. One of the first steps is to start developing learning outcomes for your business and your employees. This process allows you to select the courses and content you need to provide.

With a mid-size budget, you can also start designing and integrating multimedia elements such as audio clips, videos, and animations. Audio and video are great ways to capture attention, engage multiple senses, and increase learning retention. It’s also an easy way to incorporate more storytelling elements into your courses.

There are many reasons for using storytelling in training that are particularly important for safety training, such as greatly enhancing learner participation and changing behavior. Depending on your budget, you can use simple equipment like an iPhone and a tripod, and go straight to running pieces from freelancers or agencies.

Big budget, team time

With a big budget and a dedicated e-learning team, the possibilities for safety training are close to infinity. Many large teams choose to work with e-learning agencies to create high-quality, highly customized training packages. With a big budget and the right team or agency, you can experiment with creative ideas that push boundaries, such as branching, animation, and simplified learning solutions. Using the right e-learning course authoring tool to create these learning experiences can also ensure that your business retains the in-house capabilities to modify and update courses without having to pay extra to an external provider.

Quality safety training can be offered on any budget

Each company has different capabilities to offer safety training, but everyone can provide quality training for their business. With a touch of creativity and the right approach, your business can inculcate a culture of safe work and risk management with confidence.

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