GOP officials use white supremacist rhetoric in pushing Arizona governor to attack asylum-seekers

“Invasion is usually referred to in terms of a nation-state invasion, but when you look at these numbers, I think it’s safe to say that’s an invasion,” Associated Press (AP) MP Jake Hoffman reported. If that name sounds familiar, you’re right: Hoffman was among the GOP officials who signed his name on one of the fake presidential election documents. Rebecca Sager of the Daily Kos wrote that when Hoffman was confronted with the fake document, the MF-er ran. Nothing but a first class set here.

It remains amusing that Ken Cucinelli still tries to give the impression that he is concerned about the rule of law, given how much he underestimated it during the end of the previous administration. Although a federal judge and a nonpartisan government accounting office found he had been illegally appointed in the previous administration, the impudent Keane refused to step down, using his last days in power to sabotage the incoming Biden administration. Kane doesn’t care to judge anything, he’s just a racist piece of bullshit.

“When the image of your alleged invasion looks like the average Little League audience, this is not an invasion,” US Immigration Council policy advisor Aaron Richlin-Melnick tweeted. “You’re just terrified of black people.” He tweeted several more photos of the alleged “invaders” claimed by the British newspaper The Guardian Really very strange Cocinelli.



“The way I would do it was I would fingerprint them, give them food and water and take them back across the border,” Cuccinelli said, according to the Associated Press. These are terrible people. Kane, ie not asylum seekers. “So far in fiscal 2022, nearly half of the people that border patrols encountered in Sector Yuma, A to Z, were from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela—many of whom were refugees fleeing persecution under those regimes,” chirp Kenji Kizuka is Human Rights First. “And the politicians in A to Z want to use the forces of war against them?” Yes – while some of these politicians were actively plotting to overturn American democracy.

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