Federal Entity in DC Is Keeping a List of Individuals Who Refused Vaccine Based on Religious Grounds

The actions of the Biden administration regarding the COVID vaccine were outrageous. It is now reported that an entity maintains a list of individuals who declined the vaccine on the basis of religion.

We’ve reported on this previously, how the Biden administration was mistreating American soldiers and forcing them to fill out an intrusive document when they wanted to opt out of taking COVID vaccines on religious grounds.

US soldiers are required to complete an intervention questionnaire describing their religious beliefs and activities as a condition for not taking the gab in religion

We have now discovered that a list of those who refuse the vaccine on religious grounds is being created by the DC entity. The Daily Signal released a report on one entity’s efforts to track those who object to COVID-19 vaccines on religious grounds.

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A small District of Columbia administrative agency announced a new policy Tuesday that likely serves as a model for the entire government’s push to compile lists of Americans who object on religious grounds to a COVID-19 vaccine.

The District of Columbia Pre-Trial Services Agency—an independent federal entity that assists officers in District of Columbia courts in drafting release recommendations and providing oversight and services to defendants awaiting trial—has announced a new records system that will store the names and “personal religious information” of all employees who file requests. Religious residence for religious exemption from mandatory federal vaccination requirements.”

The announcement does not explain why the agency needs to create this list except to say that it will “help the agency collect, store, disseminate, and dispose of staff religious exemption request information.” In other words, the list will help the agency make a list.

The ad also does not say what the agency will do with this information after it has decided to request religious housing for the employee.

And the ad doesn’t explain why the Biden administration chose to test this policy in an agency with a majority black staff, who are more religious and less vaccinated than other groups. So much for the president’s commitment to “racial equality.”

We are beginning to suspect that President Joe Biden is not keeping his promise to have the most transparent administration in history.

There are many questions regarding these lists. What is the reason for keeping the list? What is the purpose of using these lists? Who ordered their creation and how extensive are these lists? Will they be protected and maintained?

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