Does The Left Fear Ginni Thomas Because She’s A Strong, Independent Woman Or Because She’s Married To A Black Man?

The left fears her because Jenny Thomas’ very presence reminds them that she is everything to die-hard Democrats. he claims Stand Up But Don’t – A strong, independent, color-blind woman. 100 percent fed up Reports – Jenny Thomas graduated from law school and moved to Washington, where he worked as a legislative assistant and later … Read more

Nearly 1,000 faith leaders and immigration groups urge Biden ‘to reverse course’ on ICE detention

“As we move into the next year, we urge you to reverse course and end the overreliance on immigration detention by discontinuing new detention contracts and ending existing Immigration and Customs Enforcement contracts, investing in rights-respecting border management at the border, and committing to fair law and humane immigration policies,” You write groups. They noted … Read more

Tony Podesta, Given Immunity by Mueller Gang, Now Making Millions from Chinese Telecom Company Huawei

The Daily Caller reports: Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta earned at least $1 million to lobby the White House on behalf of Huawei, a Chinese technology and telecommunications company blacklisted under the Trump administration. Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman John Podesta, received $500,000 from Huawei to lobby the Executive Office of the … Read more

UPDATE: Elections Expert Reveals Over 550,000 Registered Voters In Wisconsin Have a Registration Date of 1/1/1918

On Wednesday, the Wisconsin Assembly held another election integrity hearing to present evidence of vote fraud and irregularities found in their investigation into the fraudulent 2020 election. And like last month’s election session, they threw some serious bombs. Formal complaint filed against Green Bay mayor for turning the 2020 election into a far-left process, including … Read more

San Diego’s wretched Otay Mesa immigration prison is seeing near-record COVID-19 cases

Even more worryingly, confirmed cases among detained migrants fluctuate wildly for some reason. “The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website stated that 91 cases reported among those held as of January 10 had decreased to 52 by Sunday,” the ICE website reported on January 18. . But we already knew ICE was playing funny with … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Woke ASU ‘Pandemic Horror’ Professor Dr. Michael Stancliff Calls Trump Racist For Saying COVID-19 Escaped From Chinese Lab

An anonymous Arizona State University professor in the epidemiological horror class, Dr. Michael Stancliff, has recorded giving students ideas about COVID-19 and says President Trump “unleashed racism” when describing the virus. Dr. Stancliffe also claimed that there was no evidence that the virus was “disseminated recklessly or on purpose by the Chinese government.” Newly released … Read more

Giuliani oversaw Trump campaign fake elector scheme

The running lists for Michigan, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania are established on December 14, 2020—the official day of the Electoral College election. Pro-Trump voters have gathered at state capitols and elsewhere — places arranged with the help of Trump campaign officials — to prepare testimony that will eventually be sent to … Read more

The Largest U.S. Counties Removed Only ZERO to TWO Ineligible Voters From Their Voter Rolls the Last 4 Years

The Gateway Pundit revealed Thursday that Democrats and leftists fought hard to prevent the state’s voter registration rolls from being cleaned up. Realizing a potential niche, left-wing activists created Eric to clean up voter lists, using their own rules. So in 2012, the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) was formed as a membership organization primarily … Read more