Georgia school drops assignment asking elementary schoolers to justify genocide against Natives

“The truth of American history. And what happened to indigenous peoples, enslaved Africans, and other people of color, should not be whitewashed,” Martin continued to the news outlet. Here is her original tweet, which quickly went viral. As a revision of this history, by the way, Jackson signed the Indian Expulsion Act in 1830. From … Read more

An Estimated 2 Million Ballot Images from the 2020 Election Were Illegally Erased in Georgia

An estimated 2 million original ballot images from the 2020 Election were destroyed illegally in Georgia since the election. This is illegal and yet no one has been arrested or held accountable. Back in November, 2021, VoterGA, an election integrity group based in Georgia, reported that 74 counties in Georgia couldn’t produce their original 2020 … Read more

Retaliation Against Jan 6 Prisoners at DC Gitmo- CORRECTIONS OFFICER CALLED OUT BY NAME! Shame on Them!

Nate DeGrave before January 6th and pretrial detention at DC Jail. We first published Political Prisoner Nate DeGrave’s letter last October. It has since gone viral around the world and attracted the attention of politicians like Newsmax Host Greg Kelly and Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX). In the follow-up letter below, Nate calls out Corrections Officers … Read more

Congressional House Republicans are still in the Jan. 6 spotlight

Kurt Anderson/Atlantic: THE ANTI-VACCINE RIGHT BROUGHT HUMAN SACRIFICE TO AMERICA Since last summer, the conservative campaign against vaccination has claimed thousands of lives for no ethically justifiable purpose. One big difference between then and now is the probability of death. In sacrificial spectacles hundreds and thousands of years ago, almost all of those decided to … Read more

26-Year-Old Transgender Child Molester Gets 2 Years in Juvenile Facility Thanks to Marxist Los Angeles DA George Gascón

A 26-year-old transgender (bio male) child molester who pleaded guilty earlier this month to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl back in 2014 was up to 2 years in a juvenile facility thanks to Soros-backed Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. In 2014, 17-year-old James Tubbs grabbed a 10-year-old girl by the throat at a Denny’s … Read more

Pfizer INTERFERES Just Days Before Massive FOIA Vaccine Data Drop, FDA Claims The Vaccine Manufacturer Must Help Review and Redact Documents Before Public Release

Who does the US FDA answer to? Well, apparently it’s Pfizer, the German-based Big Pharma megalith. Just days before the FDA was set to release over 12,000 documents related to the experimental Covid-19 vaccines, Pfizer asked a federal court to allow it to intervene before any information is released to the public. Unsurprisingly, the FDA … Read more

Dozens of Democrats demand Biden release memo on his authority to cancel student debt

The effort, which is part of a broader push for student debt relief, was led by Warren, Schumer, and Reps. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and Katie Porter of California. It’s worth noting that several Warren alums now hold key policy positions within the Biden administration, including at … Read more