Virginia’s new Republican AG says universities cannot mandate COVID-19 vaccine

Under current law in Virginia, first-time higher education students must be vaccinated Diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles (measles), rubella (rubella), mumps, there is an exception for any student submitting a religious objection unless the health board has declared an emergency or epidemic of the disease. Students may also show a note from a physician explaining why … Read more

“I’ve Never Seen as Many Deaths.. It’s Around a 500 or 600% Increase”

Funeral Director John Oloni of Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services in Milton Keynes, England shared in his recent interview with that deaths have reached unprecedented levels in young adults in their twenties, thirties and forties and “all of them have been vaccinated.” According to John, along with a group of experts, they are seeing … Read more

Brianna Keilar Slams Sen. Ron Johnson for Gross Lie Regarding Athletes Dying Due to Vax

No one can trace exactly where the rumor started (though there is a theory below), but people in the usual “anti-vax” community, namely the strong MAGA-types, have started talking about professional athletes dying on the field, the court , whatever, due to the vaccine and we’re not talking about a half-dozen, the number is put … Read more

Biden, Democrats need to move fast on Supreme Court and ignore Republicans

“The American people elected a Senate evenly divided between 50 and 50 years old,” McConnell said after confirming Breyer’s retirement. “As much as President Biden got the mandate, he was to rule from the center, oversee our institutions and unite America. The President should not task the Radical Left with this important decision. The American … Read more

Who’s Forcing the ‘Fake News’ Mainstream Media to Add Wording to 2020 Related Election Articles Stating Election Fraud Claims are ‘Baseless’, etc. While Ignoring the Truth?

Has anyone else had enough? Since November 4th, the day after the 2020 Election, the Mainstream Media made it a point to nearly always include in articles about the 2020 Election wording that states that ‘claims that the election results are fraudulent are baseless’, etc. Moments ago we put up a post about a court … Read more

Filling the Court seat is the least of what’s deserved by Black women—remember, they saved democracy

Fanny Willis Fulton County, Georgia Attorney General Fanny Willis Fanny Willis probably isn’t a household name. Not now anyway. But District Attorney Willis is fighting a massive battle on her home ground in Fulton County, Georgia. Willis was born in Georgia. She graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC, then returned to Atlanta to attend … Read more

Josh Hawley shows how to be racist over Biden’s court nominee, right wing media says ‘hold my beer’

As Press Watch reports, Biden’s promise to nominate a Black woman to the court has”freaked out right-wing media.” The frothing on the right included the usual suspects. Tucker Carlson took himself away from complaining about the sexiness of cartoon candies to spent 12 minutes on a rant that boiled down to underscoring Hawley’s statement: For … Read more

Democrats’ ‘China Bill’ Includes Millions of Dollars Going to Organizations to Push Racist Policies in the US that Have Nothing to Do with China

(pic from Democrats believe that driving racist policies in the United States is how to address the United States’ trade deficit with China and China’s theft of American intellectual property. President Trump had China on the line. We have written about it many times. China’s economy was collapsing, companies were leaving China at a … Read more

NYC Mayor’s Office Asks That Anyone Who Came in Contact with Sarah Palin Get a COVID-19 Test

The New York City mayor’s office has asked anyone who has been in contact with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (right) to get a COVID-19 test amid controversy over her decision to dine at the Upper East Side restaurant despite testing positive. City Hall spokesman Jonah Allon encouraged, “Anyone from New York who has been … Read more