Upskilling To Prevent The Great Resignation?

Improving skills helps tackle major resignation Although the Great Resignation is an unfortunate trend, it is here to stay as employees have discovered the convenience of working from home. Moreover, employees change jobs because they put a lot of effort into improving skills and they want to reap the rewards. Why was skill improvement needed? … Read more

Reckoning with the Past, Preparing for a Better Future

If your institution is like mine, it has skeletons in its closet. There are, of course, the statues and building names, the living legacies of a discredited and embarrassing past. Then there is the appropriation of historically Black neighborhoods to facilitate campus expansion, and a campus geography and architecture and even department structure organized around … Read more

Students venture back to study abroad programs

Andrea Poe has always been planning to study abroad as part of her university experience. During her sophomore year at Tufts University, she began researching programs in Spain for the following year. Then, in March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic struck. Classes became distant, and many students who had been studying abroad returned home early. By … Read more

Michigan reaches $490M settlement in sexual abuse case

The University of Michigan announced Wednesday that it has reached a $490 million settlement agreement with attorneys representing more than 1,000 survivors of alleged sexual assault by now-deceased former university doctor Robert Anderson. The agreement, if approved, would settle all of the survivors’ claims against the university. A total of $460 million will be available … Read more

Colleges cash in on NFTs as a new fundraising mechanism

As NFTs dominate the moment, some colleges are taking advantage of this craziness. NFT – short for Indestructible Token – is a unique speculative digital asset that cannot be duplicated or replaced. People often compare NFTs to original artwork; While many people own prints or copies of Mona LisaThe original painting of Leonardo da Vinci … Read more

Administrators should encourage faculty not to teach when sick (opinion)

Colleges and universities are supposed to be the innovators and thought leaders of best practices. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge. Most faculty members are not attracted to universities for high salaries, but rather because we value the educational mission. We waive the financial benefits of entering the scholarly community. We also … Read more

Boston College launches new student success efforts

Boston College, a private Jesuit institution, will open a new two-year residential college on the former campus of Pine Manor College focused on serving underrepresented first-generation students, campus leaders announced today. The plans are part of a larger initiative to boost educational opportunities for underrepresented first-generation students, and are the result of the 2020 merger … Read more