Education App Development: Choosing A Partner

Best Education App Development Company The fact that education apps are third in the list of most popular app categories in the App Store, at 8.49%, speaking volumes. What is more, 20 million+ students use educational apps from the Google Play Store and almost 73% of professionals in the education domain use digital content from … Read more

Social Media As An Inspiration For Course Content

Social Media As Online Course Design Inspiration With an increased volume of courses being available online, be it for learning or professional development, it is easy to see what engages us and what makes us totally disengage from the content being presented. Considering that most people easily engage with social media, it makes you wonder … Read more

Improve Compliance Training With SMART Goals

5 ways to improve your compliance training The idea behind SMART goals isn’t just to seem “trivial” and…smart. It is to improve the entire goal setting system. It takes training goals from the realm of routine to actual effectiveness. You don’t just want courses that eat up your last minute budget. And you don’t want … Read more

Universal basic income on California campuses?

Scott Myers-Lipton, a professor of sociology at San Jose State University, was dismayed to hear the same stories from his students semester after semester: students were routinely struggling financially; some were sleeping in their cars, “scared out of their minds” about their safety. Others were even spending nights in the campus library or the student … Read more

Oklahoma City University closes two teacher ed programs

With enrollments dwindling, Oklahoma City University is phasing out its early childhood and elementary teacher preparation programs. Just three students remain in the combined programs. While the decision to close the programs was quietly made in 2020, pre–COVID-19, the news only recently became widely known. In additional to local media coverage, it’s prompted questions about … Read more

Instructors express fewer concerns about online cheating

Faculty concerns over academic integrity in online courses have eased since 2020, when the transition to online learning first began, according to a new study from Wiley. The research and education company found that 77 percent of instructors surveyed last year believed students were more likely to cheat online than in person—a decline of 16 … Read more

Friday Fragments

Blog: Confessions of a Community College Dean   This week The Girl heard from one of the colleges to which she applied. The message congratulated her on her excellent application, and mentioned that she had been awarded a “$40,000” scholarship.   Reading just a little farther revealed that it’s $10,000 per year, renewable based on … Read more

Proposed settlement reached in sham university case

US immigration agencies have reached a proposed settlement agreement with foreign nationals who enrolled in the University of Northern New Jersey, a fake university with no classes or professors that was set up by the federal government as part of a sting operation to crack down on student visa –related fraud. The settlement agreement resolve … Read more

COVID has revealed colleges aren’t supporting single moms enough (opinion)

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent enrollment tumbling at colleges across the country, but a few learners have felt the impact more than student parents. According to research by the Lumina Foundation and Gallup, students who were caregivers were 13 percentage points more likely to suspend their education during the pandemic than those who were not. … Read more