Post Soviet Flag Carrier: 30 Years Of Uzbekistan Airways

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan Airways was formed on January 28, 1992. The company will go on to become the official carrier of its newly independent homeland of Uzbekistan. With three decades of activity under its belt, Uzbekistan Airways has become a global aviation powerhouse. Photo: Ero Icarus via Wikimedia Commons new … Read more

JetBlue Rules Out Another European City This Year

JetBlue will not offer a second European city this year, according to the company’s Q4 2021 conference call on Jan. 27. However, Boston is being Moving forward in 2022, although it is unclear when it will be officially launched. JetBlue serves Heathrow and Gatwick once daily from JFK. There is currently no indication of an … Read more

A Brief History Of North Korean Flag Carrier Air Koryo

As the flag carrier of North Korea, Air Koryo is often viewed as the world’s most mysterious airline. There have been numerous rumours surrounding the operator over the decades, but the it has certainly been an integral member of the country’s aviation industry since its founding. Air Koryo was performed during a crucial time in … Read more

German court rules against late night flights at Dortmund

Germany’s Flyv looks to joint airlines for underserved city pairs 30.11.2021 – 13:18 UTC German startup Flyv aims to connect disadvantaged markets globally using a joint venture model that will see airlines pool their energy through flights marketed under a single brand and mobile app, according to the company’s website. Anton Lutz, the Munich-based CEO, … Read more

Introducing Airlink: South Africa’s Largest Airline

Despite operating aircraft with no more than 98 seats, Airlink is South Africa’s largest airline by fleet and flights. It is also the third-largest carrier in Africa, with more flights in February than Royal Air Maroc and Kenya Airways. Airlink has benefited from its independence from South African Airways (SAA) while launching multiple new routes … Read more

Iraqi Airways Boeing 767 Damaged In Baghdad Rocket Attack

At least six rockets were fired at Baghdad International Airport (BGW) on Friday morning near sunrise. The attack has caused damage to, among other things, an Iraqi Airways Boeing 767 aircraft. Thankfully, no consequence have been reported. This morning, an Iraqi Airways Boeing 767 was severely damaged during a rocket attack on Baghdad’s civilian airport. … Read more

Qatar Airways Pilots Accuse Airline Of Faking Crew Hours

Qatar Airways has come under fire amid accusations that it is overburdening its pilots and ignoring complaints of fatigue. The pilots raised the alarm in anonymous testimony, citing safety breaches that could ultimately endanger the lives of passengers. Separately, employees accuse Qatar Airways of “silencing their mouths” on the Internet, as some fear any publicity … Read more

The Story Of France’s Interwar Potez 62 Airliner

Today marks 87 years since the Potez 62 first took to the skies. Designed by the legendary Henry Potez, the inventor of World War I’s Potez-Bloch propeller, the twin-engine performed its maiden flight on January 28th, 1935, helping Air France grow in the crucial interwar period of French civil aviation. Air France flew the plane … Read more