Caribbean Airlines’ 1st Boeing 737 MAX Service Takes Flight

Caribbean Airlines made its inaugural flight with a Boeing 737 Max 8. The aircraft is a new type for the airline, as it begins its journey to renew its fleet. Its demise comes as the airline celebrates its 15th foundingy birthday.

Caribbean Airlines has 12 Boeing 737 Max aircraft on order. Pictured: Preston Fiedler

Caribbean Airlines operates MAX aircraft for the first time

Caribbean Airlines has taken its shiny new 737 Max 8 into the skies for its inaugural revenue service. The airline held a party at Piarco International Airport for the launch of the new aircraft. Lucky passengers received bags of goodies, and some even got a boost in air miles for service travel – 15,000 miles to celebrate 15 airlinesy General operations.

The aircraft commissioned to make the famous flight was the 9Y-CAL, the first 737 Max to reach the Caribbean. Delivered from Everett to Port of Spain on November 17y But no return flights have been operated since then. Today, the flight took 2 hours and 58 minutes from the point of sale to Kingston, Jamaica, arriving at 09:42 ET this morning.

Caribbean Airlines' first Boeing 737 Max service makes the flight
The first revenue service was approximately three hours long. Data:

Garvin Medera, CEO of Caribbean Airlines commented:

“The introduction of this new aircraft into service represents Caribbean Airlines’ initiative to ‘Reset Expectations’ for 2022. The 737-8 is the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world, and provides a range of benefits to Caribbean Airlines and our customers, the environment. Fuel and maintenance costs Less, each plane has 10 more seats than its predecessor with a total of 160 seats, the plane offers the latest technology and a higher level of comfort in both business class and economy cabins, including in seat power for portable devices, new interior skies, stylish modern seating and more much.”

“We are really excited about the plans and improvements for next year, all made with you in mind. Be sure to stay informed across our social media channels and follow us on #REcalibrate as we reset expectations in 2022.”

Caribbean Airlines' first Boeing 737 Max service makes the flight
A small celebration was held to mark the occasion. Photo: Caribbean Airlines

This predecessor is the Boeing 737-800, of which the airline operates eight. The eight planes have an average life of 19 years, according to ch-aviation, so they’re ready for a refurbishment. Caribbean Airlines has a pending order for 12 737 Max 8 planes, originally served with Boeing in November 2018. It appears that the next plane, the 9Y-GUY, is due to be delivered soon from Boeing.

Caribbean Airlines’ second cap is almost ready for delivery. Photo: Nick Dean

What’s on board the 737 Max?

The new plane is set to propel Caribbean Airlines into a more modern, fuel-efficient future, and the airline has adopted more modern paint to showcase its investment. In addition to being a more modern aircraft than NGs, the MAX has improved things on the inside, too.

In total, the MAX features 16 Business Class seats, 36 Economy Legroom seats, and 108 Economy Standard seats. These business class seats are leather seats with 45 inches of legroom, while the extra legroom seats 35 inches. Back in economy, it’s a fairly standard room of 30 inches or so per person.

On business and the ‘Caribbean Plus’, passengers will find both AC and USB charging. In other places, only USB is available. Complimentary in-flight entertainment is served via a 13.3-inch seat back screen, while LED mood lighting will create what the airline calls a “relaxing ambiance.”

Caribbean Airlines will transition to its entire 737 MAX fleet by mid-2022. While it will retain its ATRs for regional service, it expects to have a full fleet of 737 MAX long-haul aircraft in July of this year.

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